Christylezz has been entertaining since his days on college campuses where he hosted up and down the east coast in university's like Howard, Deleware state, Virginia state, Stonybrook and Old westbury, just to name a few. On the Greek life scene you may have seen Stylezz hosting, "Greekdom", "Step Correct", "NY Greek weekend" and basically any place that had a microphone. In his latter years Chris teamed up with traveling event "HennyPalooza" and has been on tour with the mega party since 2015. FromMilly Rocking to his viral videos catching the infamous "Legendary Dub" Stylezz has been taking the hosting party/event scene by storm. Trappin Anonymous is amongst the fiery hosts new ventures that has gone viral with 20,000 soundcloud plays in just the first 2 weeks. Nothing seems to stop the momentum that Chris is currently on, enjoy the podcast series here!